Using Debt Settlement to Avoid Bankruptcy

This year more and more individuals are finding themselves unable to pay their monthly bills.

Unsecured debt, which is usually credit card debt, can be managed in several ways. Most people would like to avoid filing bankruptcy if at all possible. One way to get back on the road to financial success is by seeking the services of a debt settlement or debt consolidation company.

These companies provide strategies to negotiate terms for the repayment of creditors with a reduced lump sum amount.

The settlement company and each creditor meet and agree upon an amount that is acceptable for both parties. At this point, a monthly payment amount is arranged between the client and the settlement company.

A certain percentage of each monthly payment is given to the settlement company for their services provided. The reminder of the payment is put into an account for the client. When this account reaches a predetermined amount one creditor will be paid in full. The monthly payments continue until all the creditors have been paid their agreed upon amount for settlement of the accounts. Bankruptcy should be a last means of settling your financial matters and hopefully one that you will be able to avoid.

If you have unsecured debts such as credit card debt and you want to avoid filing bankruptcy, debit settlement is one option to think about using. There are many reputable debt settlement & negotiation companies that can assist you in going this route.

This is for only unsecured debt. You can not settle mortgage or car loans or any type of secured debt through this type of settlement. These settlement companies typically take all of your information and contact all of your unsecured creditors for you and negotiate a lower payoff amount on your debt. This can be anywhere from twenty to ninety percent off of the original balance.

It just depends on the circumstances and the amount of your debt. Debt settlement & negotiation companies are trained to try and get the best and lowest amounts for you. They typically will also try to get you a six month payment plan in order to give you time to be allowed to come up with the needed funds to get the negotiated amount paid off. However, if you fail to make the payments or if you fail to pay off the amount that has been agreed upon, you will end up owed the amount in full once again.

You must make sure you will be able to meet this amount due. You must also understand that the amount of the debt that the credit company wrates off will be taxed at the end of the year and you must claim this on your tax return.

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